Take my revolution.

even if we're torn apart...I will change the world

Welcome to One Girl Revolution, the TAFL-approved fanlisting for the girl who wanted to become a prince, and who became so much more besides, the heroine and namesake of Ikuhara Kunihiko's magnum opus Shoujo Kakumei Utena -- Tenjou Utena. Far from the typical shoujo heroine, Utena's character starts out naïve and overly idealistic, and by the end of the series, turns these flaws into something that changes not only herself, but every person in the world she escapes. If you're a fan of this multilayered girl prince, please add your name to the list of her fans!

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If you're also a fan of Utena's accidental fiancée, Himemiya Anthy, or the girl she really, really annoys, Arisugawa Juri, then please visit my fanlistings for them, Rose Witch and Anything But Miracles, respectively!