For the Sake of the World Revolution; the Shoujo Kaku fanlisting

for the sake of Revolutionising the World...

Greetings, duellist, you've found your way beyond the Ends of the World and ended up at The Absolute Destined Apocalypse, the TAFL-approved fanlisting to Ikuhara Kunihiko's surreal, stylish, and above all absolutely beautiful magnus opus Shoujo Kakumei Utena. Produced jointly by the artist collective Be-Papas, SKU entails a 39 episode anime series, a five-tankoubon manga series and its three-chapter sequel, one feature film and accompanying standalone manga, five musical stage shows, two light novels, and a Sega Saturn video game. First bursting into the world in its manga format in 1996, SKU is now considered a classic of both the mahou shoujo subgenre and anime in general, and has justly garnered widespread acclaim and accolades in both Japan and the rest of the world for its intense and original storyline, animation quality, and original soundtracks -- not to mention a dedicated fanbase that is still active to this day! If you're a fan of this astounding series, please do add your name to the fanlisting!

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